Jay Worthy Taps Krayzie Bone & Shlohmo For Hazy Single "Ride"

3 weeks ago 2

Between Vancouver and California, Jay Worthy has spent a great deal of time in areas where some of the best cannabis is grown. Though he admits he's not much a smoker, today, the rapper pays homage to the clouds of smoke he's exhaled over the years with his new single, "Ride." Tapping Krayzie Bone for a verse, Shlohmo cooks up a funky and hazy instrumental for Jay and Krayzie Bone to bring some real smoked-out, player vibes. The record is almost reminiscent of Krayzie Bone's contributions to Bob Marley's posthumous "Rebel Music" record.

Jay Worthy's been delivering a steady stream of music over the past few months. He teamed up with Harry Fraud recently for their joint project, Eat When You're Hungry, Sleep When You're Tired. Just before that, he came through with Two4one.

Peep his new single below.

Quotable Lyrics
Talk is cheap so I keep that toolie by a n***a waist
N***as love to talk behind your back but never to your face
.40 by my side, when I ride, put you in your place

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